Beaver Builder + Event Espresso Integration

Beaver Builder & Event Espresso Better TogetherThe Event Espresso Beaver Builder Add-on adds Event Espresso 4 event display and ticketing options to the Beaver Builder page builder plugin for WordPress. Currently, this version of the plugin adds a customizable event ticket selector and events list to Beaver Builder, while adding support for the Event Espresso 4 Grid View and Table View add-ons if either is installed.

Feature Videos:

  1. Ticket Selector
  2. Events List
  3. Grid View (Coming Soon)
  4. Table View (Coming Soon)


Install a copy of the Beaver Builder plugin from Beaver Builder, then install the Beaver Builder + Event Espresso integration. Click the purchase button below to get a copy of this plugin.


Issues and questions about this plugin are tracked via Github. Pull requests are most certainly welcome.

Be sure to check out the Beaver Builder Child Theme for Event Espresso.